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How to Copy and Paste on Protected Websites

Most bank and financial websites do not allow users to copy text to the clipboard using the mouse or a keyboard shortcut for security reasons.

For example, I recently used Groww, a popular stockbroking website that does not allow me to copy anything to the clipboard, and they aren’t the only ones.

We’ve all come across websites that disable the right-click menu, preventing users from copying text snippets. A simple browser extension that allows you to copy and paste text on websites that don’t allow it is a practical solution.

Steps to Copy and Paste Text Snippets on Any Sites

We’ll go over Chrome and Firefox extensions, but keep in mind that any Chrome extension will also work on other Chromium browsers like Brave and Edge.

  • Download and install the Chrome or Firefox extension Absolute Enable Right Click & Copy.
  • Open the webpage that won’t let you copy and paste the text once it’s been installed.
  • Next to the Settings icon in the top right corner, click the extension icon.
  • Select Absolute Enable Right Click & Copy from the popup menu. There will be a new popup. Select the option to enable copying.

You can also choose Absolute Mode to force any type of protection on the site to be removed. For most websites, however, the first option should suffice.

You should be able to copy text from any website now.

The extension was unable to highlight the selected text on some websites, but the copy-paste feature worked fine.

Wrapping Up: Other Ways to Copy and Paste on Websites

This is the simplest and quickest way to allow you to copy and paste text on websites that don’t allow it.

However, there are other options, such as using the website’s source code, turning off Javascript, or even taking a screenshot of the site and extracting text using online OCR converter apps.

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