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Best Secret Messaging Apps That Look Like Games

Do you want to keep your text messages private from a friend or partner? There are various Android and iOS apps that seem like games, and if you use one of them, your partner will have no idea you have another communication app installed.

Even if people see the app installed on your screen, they won’t recognise it’s a chat app because the icon appears like a game app icon. Instead of using iMessage, WhatsApp, or your Android phone’s built-in texting software, you can use those apps to keep your conversations private.

They won’t be able to see your concealed talks in another app if they snoop on your WhatsApp messages.

As a result, here are the top ten hidden messaging apps that resemble games.

Best Secret Messaging Apps That Look Like Games

1. Calculator Pro+

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This app is truly unique. Not only does the app’s icon resemble that of a calculator, but even if a friend or partner opens the app, they won’t be able to access your private messages because the app appears to be a standard calculator at first glance.

In actuality, the app serves two purposes: On the one hand, it’s a genuine calculator that can execute mathematical calculations.

The app icon resembles a calculator, and the app name displayed on your screen will be “Calculator.” When someone launches the app, the only thing they’ll see is an actual calculator.

They won’t realise that entering a secret 4-digit pin into the calculator will unlock a “secret door” into the hidden backend chat programme. Consider it a hidden door into a hidden chamber in your home.

The backend messaging app then functions in the same way as any other messaging app. You can make calls and send texts to others, as well as send photographs, audio notes, and your current location pin.

To move your SMS discussions with any contact into the hidden backend messaging app, add them to your list of “private contacts.” Calculator Pro+ even allows you to send free text messages to other Calculator Pro+ users.

You can acquire a virtual number if you don’t have a SIM card when you join up.

Keep in mind that you’ll need your 4-digit PIN to access your hidden chats, which you put up when you first installed the app.

Your discussions can be automatically backed up so that you don’t lose any of your talks.

You can even conceal the app icon totally from your screen to protect your privacy. Additionally, you can set the app to close after a certain amount of time in case you forget to close it and leave your phone on.

Calculator Pro+ is one of the most innovative hidden messaging apps masked as games. However, at the moment, it is only available on Android.

2. Wickr Me

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Wickr Me is a messaging app that looks like a game and is worth exploring if you’re looking for a messaging app that looks like a game. The icon does not like that of a messaging app, and the app provides a level of privacy and security that is difficult to find elsewhere.

One of the main attractions of the app is that messages self-destruct. You can set the timer for when you want your messages to expire.

If they open the app, no one will be able to view the messages you wrote. The Shredder feature overwrites deleted Wickr Me data, ensuring that it cannot be recovered from your device by even the most tech-savvy users.

Wickr Me also encrypts all messages with end-to-end encryption, which means your messages will never be recoverable from the Wickr Me servers. Even if someone were to decrypt a single message (which is exceedingly impossible), they wouldn’t be able to decrypt a full discussion.

Text, audio, image, and video messages can all be sent. There are also the options for making a voice call.

To set up an account on Wickr Me, you don’t need a phone number or an email address. Simply create a username and password; no one will be able to access your account if they hack your email address or use a SIM swapping method to acquire phone verification messages.

Along with one-on-one chats, Wickr Me allows you to create groups.

3. Confide

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Confide is a secure chat application that allows you to communicate with friends and others without worrying about others reading your messages or figuring out what you’re up to. It helps that the app icon does not appear to be a messaging app at first glance, as it could be mistaken for a game.

Confide includes a number of security features to protect your messages. It stops recipients of your text messages from taking screenshots on their phones.

As a result, you can send a message without fear of it being leaked to others or shared on social media.

Anti-screenshot technology is available in various apps. Confide, on the other hand, goes this technology a step further by stopping others from recording your chat using a second phone or camera.

Because just one line of a message will be revealed at a time. Even if someone has a second phone, they will only be able to photograph one line at a time.

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Additionally, your name is never displayed alongside your message. Even if someone does capture your messages, there will never be any proof that they were sent by you.

Confide’s messages are also extremely secure, as it employs end-to-end encryption, locally generated encryption keys.

Furthermore, the messages self-destruct once decrypted and read by the intended recipient. Messages on Confide can only be read once before they vanish and all traces of them are erased from the Confide servers.

You can subscribe to Confide Plus to enjoy additional features.

4. Dust

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Dust is an intriguing app worth checking out if you’re seeking messaging apps that look like games.

Dust will automatically wipe all of your chat histories after 24 hours, so you’ll never have to worry about accidentally leaving messages on your phone and having someone search around and locate them.

You can also unsend a message at any moment, even immediately after sending it, without having to wait 24 hours. One feature that distinguishes Dust from many other apps that allow you to delete texts is that the messages are also deleted from the recipient’s phone.

Dust can be used to text bank information or other sensitive information because it is safely encrypted. If you’re concerned about leaving such information on the app, simply erase the message from both your and your friend’s apps once they’ve read it and received it.

You also won’t have to worry about someone taking a screenshot of your personal information. If someone screenshots a communication you sent, you will receive a real-time notification.

This not only deters individuals from capturing screenshots without your permission, but it also allows you to immediately address the issue if it does occur.

The app icon resembles that of a game rather than a chat app. Because it’s only two white boxes against a black background, it almost seems like a pair of dice.

Dust adds two extra functions to the app. One is the Stealth Search tool, which allows you to conduct secure and private web searches.

When you use Google or other big search engines to search the web, you often have to worry about trackers following your every move. When you use Dust’s Stealth Search function, on the other hand, you can browse without any trackers.

Dust can also be used to check if your personal information has been disclosed on the internet. If you’re concerned that your data has been compromised as a result of a data breach, Dust can assist you in determining whether or not this is the case.

You can also set up alerts so that you are notified if your data is ever compromised.

Wrapping Up: The Best App That Looks Like A Game

Calculator Pro+ is the best game-like app available. Although a calculator doesn’t precisely qualify as a “game,” the app checks all the boxes.

Not only does the symbol not resemble a messaging app at all, but there’s no way to identify if it’s a messaging app or accesses your private chats without knowing your PIN number.

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